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  • 'It's all right to not be okay': exploring mental health resources on campus

    The transition to college can be stressful, and many students may find that they struggle with their mental health during their adjustment. But from student-led groups to nonprofits and professional campus divisions, there are a variety of resources available on campus for students seeking mental health support.

  • kayaking near river

    Work Joyfully, Play Joyfully

    Dear Dartmouth, As I think back over conversations I've had during my three years on staff here, I can recall a number of phrases I've heard from students that give me glimpses of the distinctive experience here. One that stands out is short and to the point: Work hard, play hard.

  • Summer Wellbeing Theme: Joy & Playfulness

    It's Summer Term after all, which means your life is likely full of demands and responsibilities, academic and otherwise. Wherever you are at on the spectrum of busy-ness this summer, our team at the SWC wants to encourage you to take some time for yourself that restores your energy, helps you connect with others, and make the most of this sweet short season that is upon us. With that in mind, we're excited to share our summer wellbeing theme of Joy and Playfulness.  

  • Dartmouth Receives CPN Seal of Prevention

    EVERFI awards the Seal of Prevention after an annual evaluation against the demonstrated quality of their digital programming aligned to evidence-based prevention principles, including socio-cultural relevance, reach and dosage, and outcomes. The criteria for the CPN Seal are based on the Principles of Effective Prevention Programs published by Nation, et al. (2003). 

  • Amanda Chen '21, Jackson Award Winner, gives valedictory address

    "With making change, however, the results are not consistent, but the efforts have to be." Amanda Chen '21, the Student Wellness Center's Jackson Award winner, shared what she's learned through her time at Dartmouth and starting the Mental Health Union at Dartmouth's Commencement.