Mission & Location

Empowering our community to thrive


By providing you opportunities for reflection, connection, intentionality, and purposeful action, which serve as the primary building blocks for enhancing your personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of our community.

We believe in working with you and others to create a Dartmouth that fosters wellbeing and that is free from violence, prejudice, and other harmful behaviors. Together, we hope to create a community where you feel supported in taking ownership of who you want to be and the life you want to be living, and empowered to help others do the same.
REFLECTION: Pausing to check in with yourself and how you are feeling cultivates self awareness and your ability to make sense of your experiences.
CONNECTION: Connecting with others through shared experiences and meaningful conversations contributes to positive relationships and a sense of belonging.  Connecting with the network of resources on campus broadens your support.
INTENTION:  Forming commitments to the person you want to be and the way you want to show up in the world. 
ACTION: Drawing upon your values and beliefs to inform your decisions and behaviors, and taking tangible steps toward the life you want to be living.

What that means for you

Our mission is rooted in the belief that you matter. You are a valued member of our community. You belong here, you can be successful here, and you have something vital and unique to contribute. 

We also know that you will be challenged here, in the classroom as well as other areas of your life. Our team is committed to helping you do well and BE well in every part of your life. We provide programming, support, and resources to help you identify your strengths, build skills and navigate these challenges in a way that is right for you. 

Finding your way forward can feel daunting at times. We are here to empower and support you as you journey toward greater self-awareness and acceptance and take steps toward creating the life you most want to be living.

We're thrilled you're here. We're excited to meet you. And we're committed to making Dartmouth a place where you can thrive and flourish.

Location & Hours

We are located on the first floor of Berry Library, Suite 178-179, and our office suite is open from 8:30am - 7:00pm, Monday–Friday, during classes and 8:30am-4:30pm during reading period, exams, and breaks. Our staff is happy to support you in person, via email, phone or Zoom - whatever format works best for you! 

Mailing address:
Dartmouth College Student Wellness Center
25 N Main Street, Suite 179
HB 6144
Hanover, NH 03755

Phone: 603-646-9414

Email: Student.Wellness.Center@dartmouth.edu

Instagram: @dartmouthswc

Please see our staff listing to determine which person to contact for your question or concern.


  • Translate research into action
  • Embrace innovation
  • Encourage positive change on individual, interpersonal, and community levels
  • Utilize a positive, inclusive, and empowering approach
  • Collaborate with students, staff, faculty, and community partners