Dartmouth Bystander Initiative (DBI) Programs

Overview Orientation Talk

The Overview Talk, part of first year orientation, offers an introduction to the DBI approach for reducing violence. This talk outlines the DBI mission and philosophy, as well as an introduction to bystander intervention skills. It's goal is to empower individuals to take action and provide a shared vision and language to build a safer community.


In these one hour sessions, peers learn practical skills through group activities and explore strategies to be active bystanders. Workshops are designed and tailored for organized groups. The DBI Team currently facilitates a number of different workshops:

Bystander Intervention in the Greek Community: Pre-Recruitment Workshop

  • This workshop, co-facilitated with upper-class Greek students, focuses on bystander intervention in Greek spaces and building a Greek community where bystander intervention is the norm.

Athletics GamePlan Workshop Series

  • Each year student athletes participant in an athlete-specific workshop with their teams. Those workshops focus on building a team culture of bystander intervention and addressing bystander intervention regarding different forms of sexual violence.

Bystander Intervention in the Greek Community Part 2: Summer Check-in

  • This workshop, facilitated about a year after the Pre-Recruitment Workshop, creates an opportunity for Greek organizations to discuss and reflect on bystander intervention and their hour culture in the past year 

UGA Workshop

  • Workshop specific to UGAs. Provides opportunity for UGAs to examine sexual violence that occurs in the residence halls and increase ability to intervene.

Croo & Trip Leaders Training Workshop

  • Designed specifically for Trip leaders, this workshop builds bystander intervention skills for Trip Leaders while out on Trips. This workshop also incorporates elements of Speak Up, which provides bystander intervention skills regarding potentially harmful language.

Workshops can be adapted to incorporate additional components by request. To schedule a workshop email Ben Bradley.

DBI Leadership Training

DBI provides a chance for students to express their core values, take proactive steps to create a safe community, recognize potentially harmful situations, identify obstacles and barriers to intervention, and develop steps to intervene when witnessing a harmful situation.