Reducing High-Risk Drinking Campus-Wide

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High-Risk Drinking Prevention

In his Moving Dartmouth Forward (MDF) address on Jan. 29, 2015, President Philip J. Hanlon '77 said: "to truly create a safe environment—and one that is advantageous to learning—we will also have to tackle the challenge of excessive drinking." Our campus continues to address the reduction of high-risk drinking and related harms by implementing effective strategies and best practices in the field of prevention.

To combat public health problems, members of the community must be informed and involved in making positive change. In support of this goal, a series of reports were released from May through August 2019 sharing Dartmouth data, information, and recommendations with the community.

The Need for High-Risk Drinking Prevention

Expanding the Healthy Majority

Changing High-Risk Behaviors: Individual Strategies

Changing High-Risk Behaviors: Environmental Strategies

Strengthening the Community

High-Risk Drinking Prevention - Combined Reports

Series Authors

Caitlin K. Barthelmes
The Student Wellness Center

Dawn Gillis
Assessment and Program Evaluation Coordinator
The Student Wellness Center