10 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Learn evidence-based tools and techniques that will help you stress less, focus more, and feel more calm. In this 10-day mindfulness challenge we will share a variety of practices that promote healthy management of anxiety, present-moment awareness, and overall wellbeing.


First things first. What is mindfulness?  
Mindfulness* is about being fully aware of what is happening moment by moment (physically, mentally, and emotionally) while letting go of judgment toward whatever might be unfolding. 
By learning to pay attention to ourselves and our world with a more intentional, friendly, curious attitude, we begin to recognize and gain agency over our habitual and ingrained thought patterns and behaviors. This process yields some of the greatest benefits of mindfulness and offers you a more calm, focused, authentic way of being. 
The goal of this 10-day Challenge is to kickstart a mindfulness practice for those who are new to the idea and to offer new exercises and approaches for all participants, even those with established practices. We encourage you to participate for at least 7 of the 10 days, and if you can, make this a daily practice!

Each day of the challenge, you can choose from 3 evidence-based guided practices: a 1-5 minute practice for those who are new to mindfulness or are short on time, a 5-10 minute practice for those who have some experience with mindfulness or want to go a bit deeper, and a 10-25 minute practice for those who would like to deepen an already established practice or just want to try a longer experience. There is no "best" choice - what matters is that you choose what's best for you each day and keeps you motivated to stay with the challenge.