SWC Pre-Arrival Requirements

Pre-Arrival Requirements for the Class of 2025

At Dartmouth College, we believe in the importance of creating a safe and healthy environment for all of our community members. As incoming members of this community, first-year students' (including transfer and exchange students') participation in efforts to prevent sexual violence, and high-risk drinking is critically important. Dartmouth requires all incoming students to complete pre-matriculation surveys and online courses around these topics before New Student Orientation. Dartmouth has partnered with a leading education technology innovator, EVERFI, to provide the courses. 

In July and August, first-year, transfer, and exchange students will receive emails containing detailed instructions on how to complete these required surveys and courses.

  1. Culture, Behavior & Experiences (CBE) survey
    • A survey to better understand students' behavior and experiences associated with sexual violence prevention including friendships, relationships, inclusivity, community responsibility, bystander intervention, and sexual violence prior to entering Dartmouth. 
    • Available here and due Monday, August 9, 2021.
  2. Dartmouth Short Survey (DSS)
    • A survey to better understand some health and wellness behaviors students have prior to entering Dartmouth. 
    • Available in early August 2021.
  3. AlcoholEdu®
    • AlcoholEdu® for College is a two-part, online course providing personalized feedback along with education around alcohol use. This highly effective evidence-based program has been shown to reduce high risk drinking among college students.
    • Available in early August 2021.
  4. Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates (SAPU)
    • SAPU is an online course that provides foundational knowledge and skills for students to develop positive relationships and recognize and respond to sexual assault and harassment. 
    • Available in early August 2021.

For additional questions or information please contact the student.wellness.center@dartmouth.edu.

Families and Supporters Information

High-risk alcohol use and sexual violence are issues that face educational institutions and communities nationwide. Research indicates that families and supporters can play an important role in prevention. For more information on how to engage with your student about these critical topics, please visit EVERFI's resource page for families and supporters.

In early July, a communication will be sent to students and their designated family or supporters outlining the Sexual Violence Prevention Project (SVPP) requirements and timeline.