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Winter 2023: Intentionally Thriving



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Intentionally Thriving

…is all about recognizing that the factors associated with thriving at college  – engaged learning, academic determination, positive perspective, and diverse social connectedness – are actually malleable, and that with great intention, we have the power to create a Dartmouth experience that not only includes academic success, but also contains the aspects that contribute to a strong sense of community and a high level of emotional/mental wellbeing.

All this term we'll explore how to create intention around each of these factors so that instead of merely getting by, you can thrive and flourish this winter term and beyond.


    Wellbeing Practices to Move you Towards Greater Thriving

    Meditation - All About Intention - an 8-minute guided, seated meditation to help you find intention and present moment awareness.

    Yoga Practice - Setting the Foundation: Saluting the Sun - a 30-minute mindful movement practice

    For more on this theme, check out our SWC Reflections Blog post, Four Steps to Bringing Intention and Change into your Life, and stay tuned to our weekly newsletter and Insta account for weekly resources, tips, and reflections on how to create intentions to help you move from "just getting by" towards a thriving and flourishing you.

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