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SWC Wellbeing Themes

Fall 2023

Brave Connections

This fall's theme is all about recognizing that bravery is much more than exhibiting signs of power and strength. That it is equally, if not more, about tapping into the courage it takes to be vulnerable; to step into emotional uncertainty and let yourself be seen.  Whether it is through exploring our own inner worlds, connecting with others we typically wouldn't connect with, exploring new and innovative ways of thinking, or creating spaces where all individuals feel encouraged to speak up and share their perspectives, 'Brave Connections' is all about creating a culture that encourages authenticity and builds a sense of true belonging for everyone.  


students standing in a circle after a yoga class outdoors

Wellbeing Practices to Cultivate Brave Connections

Meditation - Easing into Change - An 11-minute meditation to help support transitions and change throughout life. 

Dynamic Breathing (that "chicken dance" breath) - 3-Minute Dynamic Breathing Video - This playful breathing technique definitely takes some courage to try out.  But it's worth it as it can give  your energy a natural boost and connect you to greater focus. Warning - you may laugh out loud when doing this, and that just adds to the benefit of it! Have fun.

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SWC Reflections

SWC Wellbeing Intern Armita Mirkarimi talks with Summer Term students.