SWC Wellbeing Themes

Foundational Ideas for Wellbeing

SWC Wellbeing Themes

Spring 2024

Everyday Action

'Everyday Action' reminds us that small actions, taken consistently, can lead to powerful and sustainable change. This Spring, we explore how each of us can continue to grow, make a substantial difference, and even change our own culture by recognizing that the small, unremarkable actions we take matter. 'Everyday Action' encourages steady growth and celebrates the tiny steps that lead to forward momentum. Through practice and persistence, we can look back on our greatest achievements not as a single triumph but as the culmination of everyday actions.  

 Actions to try and consider as we embody what it means to take 'Everyday Action' this spring: (click here for more…)


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Wellbeing Practices to Inspire Intention

Meditation 3-Minute S.H.I.F.T. practice

In this brief meditation, we tune into our five senses to slow down and check in.

SHIFT - 3-Minute by Dartmouth Student Wellness Center

Movement -Try out our 10-minute gentle, yet strong, chair yoga practice!  

Journaling Prompt - What are small steps I want to take to contribute to my wellbeing? For another's wellbeing? Why is it important?  



Journaling Prompts


SWC Journaling Prompts Image

Use these journaling prompts, based on our SWC Wellbeing Themes, as a way to pause and reflect on your past journey, present focus, and future intentions. Integrate these into a journaling practice or simply pause to consider your responses. Journaling Prompts

SWC Reflections

SWC Wellbeing Intern Armita Mirkarimi talks with Summer Term students.