Student Involvement

There are a number of ways that students can get involved with the Sexual Violence Prevention Project that range based on a student's area of interest, skills, and time commitment.

Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board in an undergraduate Think Tank that assists in the ongoing development and implementation of the Sexual Violence Prevention Project by:

  • participating in focus groups and program pilots
  • contributing their own insights and experiences
  • interviewing peers to bring their insights and experiences back to the group
  • using Design Thinking methodology to develop and test prototypes to help guide implementation
  • disseminating information about SVPP to their peers

Time Commitment

Members participate in a half day training prior to working on the board so they are prepared to constructivey contribute to their weekly team meetings. 

  • 2-3 hours/week (includes interviewing peers, responding to surveys, and actively participating in team meetings)

Skills & Application


Visit SVPP Team to see our current SVPP Student Advisory Board.

We will begin recruiting and hiring new members in the fall. Email if you'd like to be added to the interest list in the meantime.

Student Facilitators

Student Facilitators play an integral role in the SVPP by delivering the First-Year Sessions, one component of the SVPP First-Year Experience. In this role, Student Facilitators get to spend a great deal of time interacting with first-year students, facilitate weekly workshops, enhance their facilitation skills, and empower first-years to take an active role in creating a safe and supportive community. They are campus culture change agents, delivering over a 100 sessions a year, interfacing with the entire first-year class, and enhancing students' skills and personal development.

Time Commitment / Compensation

Student Facilitators participate in a term-long training, prior to facilitating and are expected to participate in weekly meetings during the term(s) they facilitate to continually strengthen their skills.

  • Training term: 4-6 hours/week (includes group training sessions and independent practice time)
  • Facilitating term(s): 4-15 hours/week (includes prep time, facilitating workshops, weekly team meetings, and additional training)

Student Facilitators are compensated for their time and can choose to be paid or volunteer and receive community services hours

Skills & Application

While helpful, students applying to become a Student Facilitator are not expected to have any previous public speaking skills, facilitation skills, or content knowledge around sexual violence prevention. By participating in training, students will:

  • Develop and improve public speaking & facilitation skills
  • Learn how to manage challenging situations 
  • Improve their ability to receive and give feedback
  • Learn content knowledge around sexual violence; on- and off-campus resources & support services; healthy relationships; identity, power and privilege; and bystander intervention

If you have questions or are interested in becoming a Student Facilitator, please email

Student Internships

Student internships provide undergraduate students the opportunity to work closely with the SVPP core team and immerse themselves more fully into one particular aspect of the project. Internships often range from 5-10 hours/week depending on project needs and a students' skill set, with both paid and volunteer options available. For inquiries about available opportunities email

Surveys & Focus Groups

In order to design and deliver worthwhile and effective experiences, we need student input! By participating in surveys and focus groups with content pertaining to SVPP's focus areas, students play an integral part in the design and development of the overall Project. These opportunities include campus-wide surveys about Orientation & Residential Life, the Dartmouth Health Survey, the Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey, pre- and post surveys for programs like DBI and MAV, Pulse surveys, and focus groups sponsored by the Student Wellness Center.