Student Involvement

Getting Involved

There are a number of ways that students can get involved with the Sexual Violence Prevention Project (SVPP) that range based on students' area of interest, time commitment / compensation need, and their skill-set. Below are a variety of ways that students can get involved and contribute to sexual violence prevention and improving campus culture.


Once you've had a chance to read over the opportunities, please fill out an interest form and we'll get back to you!

SVPP Training Facilitators

SVPP Training Facilitators play an integral role in the SVPP by facilitating first-year and sophomore trainings. 

Our SVPP Training Facilitators are campus culture change agents, help enhance Dartmouth students' skills to prevent harm and build a safer and more supportive community, and facilitate over 100 sessions each year. 

Learn more about the SVPP Training Facilitators

Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board in an undergraduate Think Tank that assists in the ongoing development and implementation of the Sexual Violence Prevention Project by:

  • Participating in focus groups and program pilots
  • Contributing their own insights and experiences
  • Interviewing peers to bring their insights and experiences back to the group
  • Using Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking methodology to develop and test prototypes to help guide implementation
  • Disseminating information about SVPP to their peers

Learn more about the SVPP Student Advisory Board

Student Internships

Student internships provide undergraduate students the opportunity to work closely with the SVPP core team and immerse themselves more fully into one particular aspect of the project. Internships often range from 5-10 hours/week depending on project needs and a students' skill set, with both paid and volunteer options available. 

For inquiries about available opportunities, please complete this interest form.

Surveys & Focus Groups

Don't have a lot of time to get involved, but still want to contribute to the SVPP in a meaninful way? Respond to surveys or participate in focus groups! Your input matters!

In order to design and deliver an effective and engaging sexual violence preveniton experience, we need honest student input! By responding to surveys and participating in focus groups, with content pertaining to SVPP's four outcomes, students play an integral part in the design and development of the overall project. We literally read every single comment students write! Here are ways you can contribute your ideas and experiences with minimal time and little commitment. 

Keep your eye out for emails from the Sexual Violence Prevention Project, the Student Wellness Center, Institutional Research, SPCSA, etc. for upcoming surveys or focus groups!

Other ways to get involved

Getting involved in the Sexual Violence Prevention Project is just one way to help end sexual violence and create a safe, supportive, and equitable community. Below are a number of other ways, students can contribute to ending sexual violence, that focus more specifically on social justice, supporting survivors, working to change College policies and procedures, getting more involved in sexual violence work in the local Upper Valley community, and legislative activism.

Every Voice Coalition

  • A grassroots coalition of students, young alumni, allies, and survivors from across the country, working to change legislation and fight the status quo of sexual violence on college campuses.

OPAL Ambassadors

  • Contribute to the goal of an inclusive campus community by educating on issues of diversity and inclusion among their peers and by helping to create a living, learning, and working environment that is welcoming for members of all identities.

OPAL Education Fellows

  • Students that aim to expand knowledge and education around social justice, promote inclusion in all spaces on campus, and enhance college life and accessibility for all students regardless of background.

Sexual Assault Peer Alliance (SAPA)

  • Students invested in providing informed, empathic, and empowerment-based support to Dartmouth peers impacted by sexual and gender-based violence.

Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault (SPCSA)

  • A committee of students who serve as an intermediary between students and the larger Dartmouth College community including the administration, faculty, and alumni of the college.


  • Dartmouth students can volunteer with WISE, our local sexual and domestic violence organization, and work on the local crisis line, be a WISE Ambassador, be a Court Observer, or Intern.