Student Facilitators

What we do

Student Facilitators play an integral role in the SVPP by facilitating the First-Year Sessions, one component of the SVPP First-Year Experience. In this role, Student Facilitators get to spend a great deal of time interacting with first-year students, facilitating sessions weekly, enhancing their facilitation and leadership skills, and empowering first-years to take an active role in creating a safe and supportive community. Our facilitators are campus culture change agents, delivering over a 100 sessions a year, interfacing with the entire first-year class, and enhancing students' skills and personal development.

Visit SVPP Team to see our Student Facilitators, Student Advisory Board, and Student Interns.

Time Commitment / Compensation

Student Facilitators participate in a term-long training, prior to facilitating and are expected to participate in weekly meetings during the term(s) they facilitate to continually strengthen their skills.

  • Training term: 4-6 hours/week (includes group training sessions and independent practice time)
  • Facilitating term(s): 4-15 hours/week (includes prep time, facilitating sessions, weekly team meetings, and additional training)

Student Facilitators are compensated for their time and can choose to be paid or volunteer and receive community service hours for contributing to the betterment of the Dartmouth community. 

Skills & Application

While helpful, students applying to become a Student Facilitator are not expected to have any previous public speaking skills, facilitation skills, or content knowledge around sexual violence prevention. By participating in training, students will:

  • Develop and improve public speaking & facilitation skills
  • Learn how to manage challenging situations 
  • Improve their ability to receive and give feedback
  • Learn content knowledge around sexual violence; on- and off-campus resources & support services; positive and harmful relationships; power, equity, and belonging; and bystander intervention