Student Advisory Board

What we do

The SVPP Student Advisory Board (SAB) in an undergraduate student Think Tank that assists in the ongoing development and implementation of Dartmouth's Sexual Violence Prevention Project. SAB Members:

  • Participate in focus groups and program pilots
  • Contribute their own insights and experiences
  • Interview peers to bring their insights and experiences back to the group
  • Use Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking methodology to develop and test prototypes to help guide implementation
  • Disseminate information about SVPP to their peers

Visit SVPP Team to see our Student Facilitators, Student Advisory Board, and Student Interns.

Time Commitment / Compensation

Members of the SAB participate in a half-day training, prior to working on the board, and participate in the weekly team meeting so they can constructively contribute to the development and design of the SVPP. 

  • SAB Members work: 2-3 hours/week (e.g. interview peers, respond to surveys, review materials, and participate in team meetings)

SAB Members are compensated for their time and can choose to be paid (student employment) or volunteer (receive community service hours) for contributing to the betterment of the Dartmouth community. 

Application & Skills

Students applying to be on the Student Advisory Board are NOT expected to have any prior knowledge or experience in sexual violence prevention. The board guides implementation of the SVPP. It is intended to be made up of a diverse range of students from all backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs to best represent the ideas and experiences of all Dartmouth students, so we can implement the SVPP in the most effective and student-centered way.

Email if you have further questions.