Research & Evaluation Team

This team includes members from both Dartmouth and the University of New Hampshire's (UNH) Prevention Innovations Research Center; however the UNH team is responsible for collecting, compiling and analyzing the data.

Caroline Leyva - Principle Investigator, UNH-Prevention Innovations Research Center - UNH Co-Lead
Dawn Gillis - Assessment & Program Evaluation Coordinator - Dartmouth Co-Lead
Jane Stapleton - Executive Director, UNH-Prevention Innovations Research Center 
Caitlin Barthelmes - Principle Investigator, Director of the Student Wellness Center 
Amanda Childress - Associate Director, Student Wellness Center

Sharyn Potter - Principle Investigator, Executive Director, UNH-Prevention Innovations Research Center
vacant - Associate Provost for Institutional Research
Christian Darabos - Assistant Director of Research Informatics in Research, Teaching & Learning
Kristi Clemens - Assistant Vice President for Equity & Compliance and Title IX Coordinator
vacant - Director of Campus Climate & Culture Initiative (C3I)

DALI Lab & IT Design Team

DALI Lab students & staff designing the SVPP platform and interface for registration, tracking, and student learning.

Amanda Childress, SWC          Josh Monette, ITC
Amber Strock, SWC                  Joy Miao '23
Amy Hunt, ITC                           Kelly Song '23
Annie Qiu '24                              Kevin Zhou '22
Camden Hao '23                        Sam Cavallaro, ITC
Christiana Fitzpatrick, SWC    Tyler Vergho '23
Dawn Gillis, SWC                       Will Cowen, ITC

Student Advisory Board (SAB)

Alexander Stanford '24
Anand McCoole '25
Carolyn Yee '25
Celeste De La Rosa Guerrero '25
Chadani Timsina '26
Chukwuka Odigbo '25
Griffin Lapham '25
Jessica Yu '25
Lily  Levick '26
Marleigh Peters '24
Michael Burns '26
Nyasha Jongwe '26
Rosanna Jennings '24
Sabik Jawad '26
Sally Young '26
Selen Kazmirci '25
Triumph Kia Teh '26
Uma Misha '26
Vy Nguyen '26



Student Athlete Advisory Board

Paused for the year

Greek Co-Facilitators

Will be recruiting Fall Term 2022


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