Pathways to Wellbeing

The wellbeing initiatives of the SWC are a collection of skills and services designed to empower you in becoming the person you want to be, creating the life you want to be living, and making a positive contribution to the world around you. Our Pathways to Wellbeing model captures the core elements that make up our programs and resources.  








Developing reflective capacities for making sense of your experiences in a way that promotes a hopeful mindset and motivates you toward your goals 


Learning to be more present, aware, and accepting of yourself and others, and feeling empowered to choose how you respond to your circumstances 


Forming genuine, respectful, and appreciative relationships that are sustaining for you and others and contribute to a sense of belonging and community 


Aligning the decisions you make and the actions you take with your core values, beliefs, and needs 


Bringing these pathways together in a purposeful way to construct a life that connects with your identities, who you aspire to become, and the contribution you hope to make 


Our wellbeing team is committed to supporting your ability to do well and be well during your time at Dartmouth and throughout your life. We hope to connect with you through any or all of our programs and services, including our resources for transition, mindfulness and meditation offerings, yoga classes and resources, wellness check-ins, and other additional offerings