SWC Wellness Check-ins

Meet Via Phone or Zoom!

Members of our SWC team are offering wellness check-ins to give you immediate opportunities to talk with a trained, non-judgmental listener. If you're struggling with motivation, purpose, relationships, worries, or anything else, we are here. Our goal is to support you in navigating any transitions you may be facing and help you create the life you want to be living.

While we are unable to offer in person sessions, we can meet with you via Zoom or by phone. When you schedule a session, just choose the option you'd prefer.

To schedule a Wellness Check-in with a member of our team, select from the following links:

Todd Gibbs (currently on parental leave)
Laura Beth (LB) White
Brian Bowden

  • Please note: Wellness check-ins are not intended as a substitute for therapy or pastoral counseling. Our staff members offer check-ins as a non-clinical, private resource, which means we cannot provide the same level of confidentiality as our colleagues at the Counseling Center or the Tucker Center.

To schedule a wellness check-in, select one of the staff members above or email the Student Wellness Center.