The Counseling Center remains committed to supporting students emotional growth and wellbeing. We are actively working to move all contact to be via teletherapy (phone or HIPAA approved Zoom). We will work with students individually to help facilitate services at the Counseling Center or with a provider in their local community. If you would like to schedule a phone triage appointment, or have questions about current services, please call our office at 603-646-9442.

We continue providing the following:

o Triage appointments to help determine treatment options, which may include short-term teletherapy or a referral to a local provider.

o For students who have an established relationship with one of our psychiatrists, we are providing psychiatric medication evaluations and med checks (when appropriate). For other students, please call our office to speak to a counselor to review treatment options.

o Anxiety Toolbox Workshop via Zoom.

On-Call services 24/7 - Nursing Department (IPD) - (603) 646-9440

o Consultation

o Coordinator of our Nutrition Program will provide teleconsultation.