Getting Started

Navigating Dartmouth Counseling Center

The Navigating Dartmouth Counseling Center guide can help students identify the best appointment type for them as well as provide details of what happens during an inital Triage appointment.

Have a Non-Emergency Mental Health Concern?

Schedule an inital Triage appointment in one of these ways:

Students should call the Counseling Center for assistance if:

  • They have an immediate mental health concern. 
  • They prefer to schedule by phone.
  • They have previously been seen by a Counseling Center clinician.
  • They are having difficulty finding an appointment time online that works with their schedule.
  • They will not be in NH at the time of the Triage appointment.
  • They will not be enrolled at the time of the Triage appointment.

What to Expect During a Triage Appointment

  • Prior to your appointment, you will receive either a secure message or email giving you instructions for completing a teletherapy consent and questionnaire through the Health Service Portal. IMPORTANT: Not completing these forms prior to your appointment time may result in having to reschedule the appointment.
  • All triage appointments are conducted by PHONE. The counselor will call you at your scheduled appointment time or shortly after as long as the consent and questionnaire are completed. Make sure you have a quiet and private space available for your appointment.
  • During the phone conversation with the counselor, you will discuss your concerns and the counselor will make recommendations for the next step. Sometimes students find the triage appointment has met their needs and no further services are necessary.