24/7 Mental Health Crisis Resources

Uhelp Crisis Line (Uhelp is a service of Uwill): 833-646-1526
Counseling Center: 603-646-9442:
During regular business hours: Identify that you would like a crisis appointment
After regular business hours: Choose option 1 to connect directly with a mental health crisis provider

NH/West Central Rapid Response Access Point: Call or text 1-833-710-6477

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call or text 988 

DACA and Undocumented Students

Experiencing Discrimination

Dartmouth is dedicated to establishing and maintaining a safe and nondiscriminatory learning, living, and working environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. You can certainly discuss any experiences of discrimination with your counselor. Additionally, any inquiries or complaints concerning discrimination in the educational and employment context may be referred to the Bias Impact Response Team (BIRT).

Mental Health Concerns

Students with undocumented status are often faced with navigating additional hurdles in their higher-education journey. This can mean encountering various situations that can affect their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. In addition to the "regular" stressors of college, undocumented students may also experience stress related to increased financial difficulties, fear for one's safety or safety of their family, grief due to the acknowledgment of status, or feelings related to an absence of belonging. To counteract these feelings, celebrating resilience and creating a capacity of hope have been cited as methods that can improve student success. It is also important to build a narrative of identity that includes, but is not restricted to undocumented status.

Counseling Help

The Counseling Center is dedicated to assisting students on how to cope with and manage feelings that can interfere with academic and social life at Dartmouth.

Feelings such as anxiety about the future, self-blame, internalization of negative identity, anger, or feelings related to losing your sense of belonging can be discussed with a counselor during an appointment at the Counseling Center.

To schedule an appointment, please call the Counseling Center at (603) 646-9442 or stop by the Counseling Center located on the 2nd floor of Dick's House. During your initial appointment, you are free to discuss any concerns about your adjustment to campus or conflicts back at home.


Counseling is confidential and your undocumented status will not be included in our counseling records. We do not share information about students seeking help at the Counseling Center with anyone without written permission. Exceptions to confidentiality are rare and specifically mandated by law and professional ethics. For further information, please see Confidentiality & Release of Information.