Appointments, Location & Hours

Appointments and Hours

Dartmouth College Health Service is open and here for you this fall!

Our office hours are Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30  p.m. EST.

The medical clinic is offering telephone, telehealth and in-person visits for all our enrolled students.  You can schedule a telehealth/phone visit on-line through the Health Service portal at  If you prefer an in-person visit, please CALL our appointment office at 603-646-9401.  If you reach our voicemail please LEAVE A MESSAGE  with your call back number and we promise to get right back to you.  (Make sure your voicemail is open for business)!

If you need urgent care or advice after hours, please call 603-646-9440 to speak with our nursing staff - available 24/7!

If you'd like support from our counseling department, please call 603-646-9442.  For the counselor on-call after hours, please call 603-646-3333 and Safety and Security will page the counselor for you.