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Your health is more than just appointments and prescriptions, it is a lifelong process and like any other, it takes knowledge and understanding to manage your health and wellness. Part of our mission is to help develop these skills to allow you to reach your full potential.

Our Campus Community Outreach Coordinator, Jed Peterson, has been in the Upper Valley since 2009, Jed began as a firefighter in 1991, and has built a career of medical and emergency services that includes EMS, critical care nursing, and over 20 years as an ER nurse working in several Northeast hospitals including two Level One Trauma centers.

Initially trained by the US Navy as a Master Instructor, Jed brings his background as a technical instructor to engage groups small and large on a variety of topics, from informal chats to large presentations. Having joined Student Health Services in 2021, Jed is on a mission to deliver health-related information to Dartmouth students in ways that work for you. Always eager to work "outside the box", Jed enjoys creating events that are informative, engaging, and interesting.

If you would like to schedule an onsite outreach service, or even if you just have a kernel of an idea you would like to develop, let us know!


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Send Jed Peterson, our Campus Community Outreach Coordinator, an email to discuss your idea!


Some of the programs we have coordinated in the past:

  • Focus on Health Talks: You Pick the Subject – we provide the information
  • Happy Hour – onsite STI screening and education
  • MediQuick – mini urgent care clinic
  • Onsite Flu Vaccination Clinic

….Have an idea? Let us know…Let's be creative!