Make an Appointment

Scheduling Counseling Appointments

IMPORTANT: During the COVID-19 health crisis, all Counseling appointments must be made by phone. Please call 603-646-9442 to schedule an appointment.

Appointments with the Counseling Center are required and can be scheduled by phone or in person. Counseling appointments cannot be scheduled online.

  • Counseling Center phone number: 603-646-9442
  • Counseling Center location: 2nd Floor of Dick Hall's House (use 5 Rope Ferry Road entrance)

What to Expect

The first appointment with the Counseling Center is called a "triage" appointment. The total appointment time is 45 minutes. The first 15 minutes are spent completing an online assessment and questionnaire. After, the student meets with a counselor for up to 30 minutes to discuss their concerns. At the end of the appointment, the counselor will make recommendations for the next step. Sometimes students find the triage appointment has met their needs and no further services are necessary.

When further services are needed, the triage counselor will discuss their recommendations with the student. Options might include the following:

  • a referral to one of our workshops or therapy groups
  • an appointment for an Intake for short-term individual counseling within the Counseling Center (Intake appointments are usually scheduled the following week to give students time to think about their therapy goals.)
  • a referral to meet with a dietician
  • a referral to other campus or community resources
  • a referral for a psychiatric medication evaluation
  • a referral to an off-campus mental health provider
  • if your situation is critical, we offer same-day crisis appointments

In order to meet significant student demand and use its resources most effectively, the Counseling Center utilizes a short-term therapy model. When a student is referred for an "Intake" appointment at the Counseling Center, the counselor and student work together to determine the number and type of sessions that are needed based on the nature of the student's concerns and available resources. If longer term counseling is needed, the counselor will help a student find a referral to a therapist in the community.

Request a Specific Counselor

Students who are referred to the Counseling Center for short-term individual counseling may request a specific counselor on the basis of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or professional training. This may mean a longer wait until the requested counselor becomes available.

Canceling Appointments

If you have a scheduled appointment with the Counseling Center that you need to cancel, please notify us as soon as possible, preferably 24 hours in advance. This will allow us to offer the time to another student. Appointments can be cancelled online through the Health Service portal (accessed through Banner) or by calling the Counseling Center at 603-646-9442.


There is no charge for counseling services at the Counseling Center.