Sport Psychology Appointments

Scheduling Sport Psychology Counseling Appointments

The DP2 Sport & Counseling Psychology program provides comprehensive psychological services for student athletes to promote mental health, wellness, and performance excellence. The program is part of a collaborative, interdisciplinary relationship between the Dartmouth College Counseling Center and DP2 with a mission to provide high quality, inclusive, and culturally sensitive care to student-athletes.

In addition to team consultations, DP2's Sport Psychologist, Dr. Mark Hiatt provides confidential, individual counseling and performance consultations focusing on whatever performance, wellness, or mental health topics are most relevant to the student-athletes. Examples of common topics addressed include:

  • Performance: Confidence and composure, imagery, mindfulness, performance routines, goal setting, energy management and relaxation
  • Wellness: Stress management, relationship building, motivation and burnout, coping with injuries, and transitions in and out of sport
  • Mental Health: Anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and eating disorders

Initial DP2 Counseling & Sport Psychology appointments require a referral.  Please call our office at 603-646-9442 to schedule a triage, or book one online through the Health Service Portal.