Travel Clinic Services

What We Offer

  • Pre-travel consultations
  • Travel immunizations
  • Completion of study abroad and other travel related forms
  • Post-travel evaluation for symptoms or concerns

Travel Consult Information

Dartmouth College Health Service encourages all students to schedule a travel consult prior to any international travel or off-campus leave terms within the U.S..  Travel consults are provided at no charge to all active Dartmouth students who are enrolled full time, paying the health access fee, regardless of insurance coverage.

Many destinations have required or recommended immunizations or medications which must be obtained prior to departure.  Students who use regular medications, have special dietary needs or have other medical or mental health concerns are strongly encouraged to schedule a travel consult regardless of the destination. Your provider can help to identify resources to support your health during travel.

We offer travel consults by telephone and zoom appointments. These may be booked on-line through the Health Service Student Portal.  Be sure to have your itinerary finalized -  including all side trips – prior to scheduling, so that your provider can give you the best information.  Plan ahead and book early, as recommended travel vaccines should be administered one month prior to travel.

There will be charges for recommended vaccines at the Health Service.  Please call the Patient Accounts Office at 603-646-9439 with questions regarding charges prior to scheduling an appointment to receive them.  

You may also visit the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) Travel site for information regarding health risks associated with travel to your specific destination. 

The Health Service is an in-network provider for the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan (DSGHP) only, all other insurance or health plan coverages will be out of network.  For students enrolled in the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan (DSGHP), Dartmouth College Health Service (DCHS) is the only approved provider for immunizations required for travel. DSGHP will reimburse these immunizations at 100% if done at DCHS. If done at an outside facility, these immunizations will not be covered by DSGHP. 

Health Resources for Students on Leave

All Dartmouth students who are classified as active in Banner have access to mental health and physical health supports during leave or off terms. 

Students on a medical leave of absence, classified as inactive in Banner, are eligible to have a return to campus clearance appointment with a Health Service provider at no charge, regardless of health plan or insurance coverage.  

When away from campus during a leave or off term, access to health coverage and resources depends significantly on where you are located and what type of insurance you have.

For questions about eligibility for these resources, please contact the DCHS Patient Accounts Office at 603-646-9439. 

For leave terms in New Hampshire

For leave terms outside of New Hampshire but within the United States

For leave terms in an international location