Insurance Requirement


Dartmouth College requires all students listed as active, including those on a leave term or not taking classes, to have a certain level of health insurance coverage.

As per Dartmouth College Policy, to ensure that all students are adequately insured, all active students are automatically enrolled into the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan (DSGHP) and their tuition account is charged the premium, every academic year that they are eligible, unless a waiver is submitted and approved. 





Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan (DSGHP) and Dartmouth College Health Service are committed to protecting your privacy. In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), medical information is gathered solely for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations to you under the terms of your policy. This information is kept private and confidential. We do not share or distribute this information unless required to do so under the law; or to facilitate or coordinate medical treatment for you, in which case information would be shared on a strict "need to know" basis.