Health Service Requirements



  1. Health and Immunization Requirements

All incoming Dartmouth students are required to meet a series of health and immunization requirements. Please follow the link for details. If you have any questions about your health and immunization requirements, please call 603-646-9404.

  1. Health Insurance Requirements

To ensure that every student has adequate insurance coverage, all students are automatically enrolled in, and charged for, the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan each academic year.  If you wish to waive this automatic enrollment and charge, you are required to complete the annual waiver. Please follow the link for details.  If you have any questions about Dartmouth's insurance requirements, please call 603-646-9438.

  1. Sports Medicine Requirements

Incoming Varsity and Men's Rugby student-athletes (ONLY) must complete all Undergraduate health and immunization requirements in ADDITION to a sports physical exam. Please follow the link for details.  


** Dartmouth College Health Service Portal: The Health Service Portal is where you will complete your required Health and Immunization Online Forms. Once you are checked in for classes you can also access secure messaging between you and your providers at the Health Service and access online scheduling for our Primary Care Clinic.

To Access the Health Service Portal: 

**Dartmouth ID and Password: Sharing your Dartmouth ID and logon password could allow those you share it with access to confidential medical records. Please change your password to protect your private health information.