Filling and Refilling Prescriptions

Prescriptions can be phoned, e-prescribed, faxed, dropped off, or transferred (see below) to Dick Hall's House Pharmacy. Contact the Pharmacy with any questions.

Refills can be requested ahead of time by phone (603) 646-9456 or email using the prescription number. If a prescription has no refills, you may need to schedule an appointment with a provider before obtaining more medication.

Transferring Prescriptions

Conveniently, any remaining refills on existing prescriptions may be transferred to the Dick Hall's House Pharmacy.  Please provide the pharmacy with the following information (by phone, email, or in person):

  • your name and date of birth
  • the previous pharmacy's name and phone number
  • the name of the medication(s) and the previous pharmacy's prescription number(s)

Please allow up to 24 hours for the transfer process.

To transfer prescriptions from Dick Hall's House Pharmacy to another pharmacy, please have the receiving pharmacy call us at (603)646-9456 and we will be happy to assist with transferring any remaining refills.

Please Note: Some classes of medications cannot be transferred per New Hampshire law.