Group Services

Group counseling, discussion groups and workshops provide a supportive environment for students to talk confidentially with other students who share similar concerns or experiences. A group can be a great source of feedback, support, and a place to share creative ideas for how to cope with personal or interpersonal challenges. The clinicians at the Counseling Center make every effort to offer groups and workshops to all students, both undergraduate and graduate.

Most groups need a minimum of 3-5 participants to successfully run. If you are a Dartmouth student who is interested in one of the groups listed below or have an idea for another group, please let us know by calling 603-646-9442 or emailing the Counseling Center. We will add your name to an interest list and reach out to you when there are enough participants to start the group.

Groups and Workshops Previously Offered

Anxiety Toolbox Workshop                                                                      
Anxiety Toolbox is a three-session workshop specifically designed to help people who struggle with a variety of anxiety-related concerns (e.g., panic attacks, Generalized Anxiety, test anxiety) by providing education on anxiety and to teach coping skills for managing anxiety symptoms. Teaching Anxiety Toolbox over the course of three sessions allows you sufficient time to learn the concepts with time to practice between sessions. It is important for interested students to be able to attend all three sessions of the workshop. 

Asian/Asian-American Student Exploration Group
A group focused on issues students encounter related to being Asian or Asian-American, especially within the Dartmouth community and the US, offering an opportunity for students to discuss their experiences, both internal and external, and learn about others' experiences in a setting that facilitates their sharing, connecting, and understanding about what being Asian/Asian-American means to them.

Attention Please! Support Space
Do you struggle to stay focused? Have difficulty getting things done on time or staying organized? Feel free to "drop in" for Attention Please! Support Space, a weekly zoom "space" for students with attentional concerns and/or ADHD.

Attention Please! Workshop
An interdisciplinary talk series organized by the Counseling Center ADHD Team about ADHD/attentional concerns and interventions to help with them.  Past topics include an introduction to ADHD, meds, lifestyle changes, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and ADHD coaching.

Compassionate Conversations
A discussion group designed for immigrant students to navigate cultural related stress and explore ways to make a home away from home. No documentation will be taken. No disclosure of status required.

Coping with Quarantine
Share experiences and strategies with fellow remote learners on topics like being away from friends, being at home with family, struggling with the remote learning modality (e.g., zoom fatigue) and other COVID related challenges. 

Emotion Regulation Station
A group informed by DBT skills and for those who struggle to manage intense emotions, have difficulty with impulsive behaviors or have been struggling in their interpersonal relationships. These are a set of skills that aim to increase our sense of self-agency and mastery in our relationship with ourselves and others. Attending weekly is strongly suggested, but not required.

Finding Our Voice: A Womxn of Color Discussion Group
A discussion group on how self-image, leadership, sex and relationships, mental health, and imposter syndrome impact and relate to the inetersectionality of being a womxn of color. The goal of this discussion group is to learn and empower each other by sharing experiences.

From Criticism to Kindness: A Self-Compassion Workshop
This workshop is for students who engage in critical, judgmental self-talk and struggle to offer themselves the same understanding, compassion, and encouragement that they extend to others. The workshop is designed to create greater awareness of this self-criticism and teach strategies for responding in a more self-compassionate way in order to reduce the distress one is experiencing. 

Grief Support Group
A supportive space for students who have had someone important pass away, whether recently or in the past. The group provides support around feelings of loneliness or isolation related to the loss, and it is a chance to talk and connect with others about their experiences with grief. The group will focus on learning about the grief process, expressing and accepting emotions around grief, experiencing a supportive environment to explore the relationship with the loved one who has passed, and addressing issues around coping with grief.

Thriving in the Woods
A workshop/discussion series for Dartmouth athletes on all things related to mental health, performance, and wellness. Workshops will be held every other week during fall term and will focus on a variety of issues facing Dartmouth athletes including:

•    Athletes coping with quarantine 
•    Mental Health
•    Motivation and Focus
•    Managing Injuries
•    Transitions into and out of sport
•    Relationships
•    Sleep
•    Wellness

Thriving in the Woods workshops are open to all Dartmouth varsity athletes and will be a mix of workshop and group discussion.  Athletes can choose to attend any workshops/discussions they wish during the term. 

Understanding Self and Others (USO)
USO is a 1.5 hour, weekly process group. In this type of group therapy, students meet face-to-face with two trained therapists and talk about a broad range of issues facing students, including academics, peer or romantic relationships, family issues, personal growth, and self-esteem. The group will offer honest, gentle feedback about ways that one might be behaving that are counterproductive and/or hurtful to oneself or to others. These interactions give members an opportunity to explore new ways of behaving and learn more about how they interact with others in a safe environment.