Gender-Affirming Care Services

Gender-affirming Services at the Health Service

The Dartmouth College Health Service provides services and support for transgender students, and for those who are questioning their gender identity and/or are considering gender transition (medically or surgically).

Our services include:

  • counseling and support related to gender identity
  • supplies such as binders and tucking supplies at no cost to students
  • medical care for the initiation and management of gender-affirming hormones
  • prescriptions for hormones and syringes
  • recommendations for surgical referral
  • pre-operative testing and post-operative care (i.e., bandage changing/application and drain removal)
  • official letters necessary to document appropriate name change and gender marker (e.g., passports, drivers licenses, etc.)

Establishing care at Dartmouth College Health Service (Dick's House)

We recommend scheduling an initial appointment with a Dick's House provider on our Gender Services team who specializes in providing gender-affirming care. At your appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss your needs, including physical care, emotional and social well-being, and any questions or concerns you may have.


Where can I pick up my prescriptions?

All prescriptions can be filled at the Dick's House Pharmacy. Syringes, sharps disposal containers, and alcohol swabs are also available at the pharmacy.

To transfer prescriptions from Dick Hall's House Pharmacy to another pharmacy, please have the receiving pharmacy call us at (603) 646-9456. We will be happy to assist with transferring any remaining refills.

DHMC Transgender Clinic

Dartmouth College Health Service also works closely with the providers at the Dartmouth Hitchock Medical Center Transgender Health program. For more information on those resources, as well as access to educational materials, visit the DHMC Transgender Health website.