24/7 Mental Health Crisis Resources

Uhelp Crisis Line (Uhelp is a service of Uwill): 833-646-1526
Counseling Center: 603-646-9442:
During regular business hours: Identify that you would like a crisis appointment
After regular business hours: Choose option 1 to connect directly with a mental health crisis provider

NH/West Central Rapid Response Access Point: Call or text 1-833-710-6477

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call or text 988 

Off-Campus Programming Support

Off-Campus Programming Support

Participating in an off-campus program can bring a great deal of excitement. It can also aggravate preexisting concerns or challenges that you may have been managing very well at Dartmouth. 

If you are currently working with a counselor, you may consider checking-in with them to discuss the potential stresses that come with participating in an off-campus program. For example, discussing coping strategies that you have put into place at Dartmouth and ways to continue tapping into them while away. 
•    Talk with your provider regarding mental health services where you will be traveling. 
•    Dartmouth has contracted with International SOS, a worldwide company, to provide support services to the Dartmouth community while abroad. As a participating member of International SOS we are provided with an additional program called Enhanced Emotional Support, a program that helps students find mental health services. 

Think about setting up a support system in advance, even if you think you won't need it.
•    Some students talk with their Dartmouth traveling professor regarding extra support they may need. You do not have to share everything about your struggles, you can just let them know you may ask for extra support.
•    If there are others on the trip that you know, you could also share with them that you may turn to them for additional support. 

If you are currently taking any medications: 
•    Talk with your prescriber regarding having enough to cover your time away. 
•    If you will be away longer than your prescriber is able to write a prescription for, discuss this with them and the ways you can get medications. 
•    Mailing medication may require customs paperwork and may delay in delivery.
•    Be aware that the medication you are taking, may not be available in your host country. 
•    When traveling with medication, remember to check your host countries rules and regulations. Some medications may not be legal in every country. 
•    Be sure to carry medications with you and not packed in your checked luggage (as that could get lost). 

Connect with others while you are away. 
•    Make connections with other students, your professor, your host family. 
•    Reach out and make friends with host country residents. 
•    Explore (safely) all your host country has to offer. 

Recognize that what you may be experiencing is culture shock.
•    This is common among many students on off-campus programs.
•    The low points may not be related to a mental health issue. Rather they can be home sickness, anxiety regarding traveling, feeling lonely, etc.).

Dartmouth's Counseling Center is here to support you. We can help you with finding a provider, consultation for concerns you may have about a friend, or talk with you about a crisis you may be experiencing. 
•    During Regular Business Hours (M-F, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST), call 603-646-9442. If you receive voicemail, leave a message with your call back number and be sure your phone is able to receive our messages.
•    After Regular Business Hours, call 603-646-9442 and choose option 1 to be connected with the on-call provider.