Do You Know?

Are you aware of the following regarding the Health Service?

¨ All Dartmouth students who are classified as active in the Student Information System (Banner) are eligible to receive services at the Dartmouth College Health Service (DCHS) regardless of insurance coverage. Students who waive the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan (DSGHP) are still eligible to receive services at DCHS.

¨ The majority of services at DCHS are free to students who are registered, taking classes and paying the health access fee. For information on DCHS billable services and the associated fees please visit the Patient Accounts webpage located at

¨ Students on off term, or part-time students, are eligible for services at DCHS on a fee for service basis.  For an additional fee, students may enroll into the Health Service Eligibility Program, which offers the same eligibility as registered students.

¨ The Primary Care clinical team consists of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and medical assistants.  We provide acute care, preventive care and wellness services, and we are happy to address any health-related questions. 

¨ DCHS has an on-site radiology service to ensure timely evaluation and diagnosis. 

¨ The Counseling Center offers a wide variety of psychological services provided by a diverse and multi-culturally competent professional staff.  The services include short-term counseling, group counseling, medication evaluation and monitoring, and consultation.  The Center also has same-day services available for crisis and emergency situations. 

¨ The Inpatient department is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week during fall, winter and spring terms.  Inpatient offers overnight care for medical, post-surgical and mental health concerns as well as telephone advice and nursing assessments after hours.

¨ Dick Hall's House Pharmacy fills prescriptions for students and their dependents. Prescriptions can be phoned, faxed or transferred into the Pharmacy.  A Vending Pharmacy is located in the DCHS main entry foyer and is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The Pharmacy accepts most prescription insurances.

¨ When in the Hanover, NH area DCHS is the primary care provider for students enrolled in DSGHP. 

¨ The Health Service offers FREE flu shots for all faculty, staff and students.  Flu shot clinic times and locations will be announced through the VOX. Click this link for updated information:  Where can I get a flu shot? | Dick's House: Dartmouth College Health Service

¨ DCHS maintains a strict policy of confidentiality to safeguard the privacy of your health information.

¨ DCHS Medical Records maintains all student health and immunization records. We can both release records as well as request records on your behalf. Visit for details on how this process works.