Accessing Leave Term Resources in an International Location

Dartmouth students have access to resources to support their mental and physical health while they are located outside of the United States (on non-medical leave term).

Supports while located out the U.S.

  • Dartmouth travelers may obtain support for physical and mental health concerns through the iSOS/STARR programs
    • Current program information is available at
    • ISOS provides "traveler's assistance" and should be the first call for basic medical questions or guidance to local care facilities. 
      • ISOS can direct you to vetted medical facilities and will alert the STARR insurance provider as needed to ensure that costs are managed. 
      • They also help with security issues, evacuation, support with passports, etc.
    • For both mental and physical health concerns, you  have 24/7/365 access to emergency support through ISOS by calling +001 (215) 942-8478
    • For mental health concerns, you are eligible for 5 free counseling sessions through ISOSExtension beyond 5 sessions will engage STARR insurance.
  • STARR insurance provides medical insurance while traveling internationally for students on Dartmouth-sponsored programs.  Detailed information is available at the link above. 
    • Note two important items:
      • You must call ISOS first to activate the STARR insurance (before accessing services)
      • There are exceptions to the coverage listed on the site (including, but not limited to, white-water rafting, diving, motorcycle use, etc.)
  • Beginning Nov. 1, 2022, you will also have access to free, unlimited teletherapy services through Uwill, including from international locations.