Pastoral Counseling

Confidential Resource

The Tucker Center recognizes the importance of privacy and trust as the basis of any pastoral relationships we have with students, staff, and faculty. We are here to help you think through issues of concern (such as questions of faith, life issues, loss of a loved one, sexual assault or gender-based harassment, etc.). This spiritual care is not to be confused with therapeutic counseling, which is provided through the Counseling Center at Dartmouth.
The  College Chaplain, Rev Nancy Vogele, provides confidential counseling, crisis response, and is a non-mandatory reporter available to ALL campus members, secular or religious, undergraduate or graduate, faculty or staff. Pastoral support offered by Tucker staff is open, non-judgmental, affirming and respectful. Confidential counseling with the Chaplain is available in person or remotely.  Contact us via email to set up an appointment.  
In addition, UCM ordained clergy are identified as confidential resources under New Hampshire statute and College policy. As such, we may not share your information without your express consent unless there is imminent danger to self or others or as otherwise required by law (e.g., mandatory reporting for sexual violence against minors).


Ordained Clergy

All of the clergy listed below are capable of helping you think through your situation and options, without sharing what you have told them. They are also knowledgeable about the resources and processes available to address sexual assault, gender-based harassment, and other forms of sexual misconduct.