Interfaith Living and Learning Community

What do Interfaith LLC members have to say about their experience?

  • [Interfaith Passport] "I learned more about how to approach challenging situations with empathy. Hearing multiple perspectives and first hand experiences was very helpful when trying to navigate the current world circumstances."
  • [Interfaith Passport] "I learned how to stand with someone. We discussed some very important issues and situations that have left me in deep thought, and I am going to be probably thinking through them for a long time."

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  • [Interfaith Photovoice] "…has caused me to become more conscious of how much I really long for the patience and time to pursue my own worldview here at college. Talking with other folks who also struggle with finding time to practice faith convinced me of the importance of making time to practice, especially as I'm at a time in my faith practice where I need to rebuild religious habits and resilience."

  • [Interfaith Photovoice] "I think one of the biggest things Photovoice helped me accomplish was looking at the smaller details of my daily life in the hectic Dartmouth terms, which allowed me to identify the ways that my faith manifests in more obscure ways. In general, my Interfaith LLC experience has been wonderful in terms of improving my own faith beliefs and giving me a place where I feel comfortable talking about my faith experiences at Dartmouth and being able to relate to other people's experiences. I think that it has furthered my practice of my own faith in terms of love for all and ahimsa (non-violence) because our conversations have broadened my understanding."

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The Interfaith Living Learning Community is an intentional community that provides residents the opportunity to investigate their personal worldview identity while exploring the religious, secular, and spiritual sources of their neighbors' worldviews.