Interfaith Floor

The Interfaith Floor is for all students seeking to learn more about the diversity of religious, spiritual, and ethical practices observed both on campus and throughout the world. 

About the Community

Residents of the Interfaith Floor meet weekly over dinner to increase their religious literacy, share their own spiritual autobiographies, and examine the diversity of symbols, rituals, and themes that have given shape to religious life over the millennia up to the modern day. All students, whether they practice a particular religion, are spiritual but not religious, are seekers, agnostic, or atheist are encouraged to apply.

The Interfaith Floor is a place for students who want examine their own values, explore the values of their floormates with curiosity and respect, seek meaning and purpose, and prepare to be well-informed global leaders.

Residency Expectations

Members of the community are expected to make a commitment to living together in a diverse interfaith community.

Expectations of residency include:

  • A commitment to the creation of a safe living space to explore and discuss pertinent topics of faith, religious diversity, and spiritual life.
  • Required attendance at the weekly community dinner meetings throughout the term held on Sunday nights from 6-7 pm.
  • Attendance at at least one alternative worship service followed by the preparation of a reflection paper and discussion with floormates based on the experience.
  • Residents on the Interfaith Floor are paired and/or placed in rooms at the discretion of the Staff Advisor to create religious diversity among roommates while keeping in mind individual residents' needs, so room/roommate requests may not be able to be honored.

Staff Advisor

  • Khalil Abdullah

Application Prompts

  1. What interests you about the Interfaith Floor? What do you plan to gain from this experience?
  2. What background experience have you had with religion or religious traditions (growing up and/or at Dartmouth)? Please also describe some experiences or encounters with religious difference or interfaith activity.
  3. What unique contributions can you offer to the Interfaith Floor?


The Interfaith Floor is located on part of the first floor of the Thomas building of McLaughlin. View floor plans.