Latin American, Latino, & Caribbean House

The purpose of Latin American, Latino, & Caribbean House is to provide a residential and educational environment devoted to the exploration and expression of traditional and contemporary aspects of Latin American and Latinx intellectual, social, and cultural life.

About the Community

The Latin American, Latino, & Caribbean (LALAC) House is sponsored and coordinated by the OPAL Assistant Dean and Advisor to Latinx Students in collaboration with Residential Education. The space is used for a diverse array of programs and events. The community facilitates communication and interaction among various sectors of the Latinx community, students, staff, and faculty from across campus. The facility provides an apartment for the LALAC House Fellow who interacts regularly with the residents.

Residency Expectations

  • Students should participate in at least three out of four of the programs. There will be required attendance at the weekly Sunday meal in the House where students take turns providing the meal in teams of two. There will also be assigned clean up duty. Students unable to make it to House programs must let the UGA know ahead of time with a reason for the absence.
  • Students will participate in a termly House Day.
  • The use and possession of alcoholic beverages/illicit drugs and tobacco products is prohibited in the House. LALAC House is a substance free community.



Application Prompts

  1. How will living in the LALAC House benefit your academic and personal growth?
  2. What experiences have you had (research, LSA program, academic travel experiences, etc.) and courses (Latino Studies, Latin American Studies, English, History, Government, Geography, Anthropology, etc.) that can create an interdisciplinary learning connection to the Latino community and Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies program in the House?
  3. How do you see yourself adding and participating to the academic and social learning environment in the House based on these experiences?


The LALAC House is located at 38 North Main Street at the corner of Clement Road. View floor plans on the website of the Office of Residential Life.

If you would like to reserve the basement space for an event, please contact the Staff Advisor at least two weeks prior to your event to receive the event hosting process document.