Shabazz Center for Intellectual Inquiry

The mission of the Shabazz Center for Intellectual Inquiry is to enhance the intellectual and cultural milieu of the Dartmouth College campus with particular regard to those issues which pertain to the historical and contemporary experiences of people of African descent.

About the Community

The Shabazz Center for Intellectual Inquiry aims to enhance the out-of-classroom experience by incorporating contemporary academic inquiries into student residential space. 

The Shabazz Center Fellow, Undergraduate Advisor (UGA), and Staff Advisor organize programs and activities in conjunction with faculty and staff members of the African and African American Studies Program to ensure a vibrant public discourse.

The community houses the offices of the Afro-American Society and is used for a wide variety of student-initiated and Center-sponsored programs and events. The Center has an affiliation with the African and African American Studies Program. The Center’s residents interact regularly with the Shabazz Center Fellow, who resides in the adjacent apartment. Program initiatives promote the intellectual breadth of residents and stimulate intellectual dialogue within the greater community through public forum as well as individual and group activities.

Residency Expectations

Residents are expected to attend all house meetings and all community dinners (five per term). Residents are also expected to participate in the organization of one community dinner program each term in line with the purpose and mission of the Shabazz Center community. Additionally, residents must attend at least two programs per term (in addition to community dinners). Residents will also participate in a termly House Day. If residents are not able to fulfill residency expectations, they should contact the UGA, the Shabazz Center Fellow, or Staff and Faculty Advisors in advance. This is a substance-free community.

Application Prompts

  1. If you are a current student, please list all AAAS courses you have taken in the past. If you are an incoming student, please list courses/experiences that you have taken/had related to the mission of the Shabazz Center.
  2. Briefly explain why you are interested in living in the Shabazz Center.
  3. Briefly describe how you plan to participate and any ideas you have for embracing house programs given its mission.


The Shabazz Center for Intellectual Inquiry is located in Cutter Hall at 32 North Main Street, near the intersection of Choate Road. View floor plans on the website of the Office of Residential Life.

If you would like to reserve the basement space for an event, please contact the Staff Advisor at least two weeks prior to your event to receive the event hosting process document.