Italian Language Program

About the Community

The Italian Learning Community, founded in 2002, inspires students at Dartmouth to explore language and culture beyond the classroom, promoting the awareness and appreciation of Italophone culture on campus. The Italian Learning Community hosts art exhibitions, faculty lectures, film series, concerts, theater performances, recitals, hikes, weekly conversation hours, and parties.

From the traditional residential format (with all students co-located on the same roof), the Italian Learning Community has recently moved to an innovative, Hybrid, and flexible structure that allows students to live in different residences halls while participating in stimulating events in a central location. The Resident advisor from Italy organizes, co-facilitates, and leads cultural activities, adding an element of authenticity to the Program.  

The Italian Language Learning Community is sponsored by the Department of French and Italian. Students of all ability levels are invited to apply to live in this community to enhance their knowledge and skills in the Italian language and culture. Fluency is not required.

Residency Expectations

Residents are expected to speak Italian with each other and can also expect to engage with the program on a weekly basis through language tables or other language/culture programming.


Live-in Advisor

  • Andrea Zoller