LLC Live-In Advisors

Become a Live-In Advisor in Dartmouth’s Living Learning Communities!

Living Learning Communities and Live-In Advisors

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) aspire to combine what is best about the Dartmouth experience: a world-class teaching and learning environment with a vibrant sense of community, guided and supported through engagement with talented faculty, staff, and graduate students. LLCs promote the personal and intellectual development of residents through the relationships that form in residential spaces between undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff. The LLCs in total are served by the House Professor of LLCs who lives near the LLCs and engages students in inter-LLC programming. Each LLC is sponsored by a department or office on campus and advised by a faculty and or staff member. LLCs receive residential oversight from live-in Residential Education professional staff members (Assistant Directors) who supervise the live-in student staff members (Undergraduate Advisors (UGAs)). Each LLC has a Leadership Team that consists of some combination of Faculty/Staff Advisor(s), Live-In Advisor(s), Assistant Directors, and UGAs.


LLC Live-In Advisors live in their assigned LLC to get to know the residents of their community. LLC Live-In Advisors build community during the fall, winter, spring, and summer terms. Some programming is expected during interim periods between terms. LLC Live-In Advisors serve on the LLC Leadership Team and collaborate with others to offer LLC programming opportunities that focus on community building or intellectual engagement. They provide an opportunity to bridge the connection among undergraduate students and graduate students, faculty, and/or staff through mentoring. LLC Live-In Advisors may offer tutoring where appropriate and they dine with residents on a regular basis.

Some positions are appointed and others are selected from an applicant pool.


You are expected to attend all training sessions, which include evenings and weekends, and are excused from training dates only for academic requirements.

More information regrading 2022-2023 training sessions will be available soon. 


Because this is a live-in role, presence on campus during the undergraduate terms is expected and requests for absences of all kinds, including during interim periods, must be made proactively with supervisors.

Summer Term and Interim Periods

Summer Term and interim periods are times with fewer expectations, however, while RFs are living in the residence halls there may be programmatic support expectations and administrative tasks assigned. RFs should work with their leadership teams to be proactive to plan for these time periods to be supportive of the house system and make sure RFs have time to rest and recharge between the busier periods.


Eligible are:

  • Faculty members at Dartmouth
  • Post-Docs at Dartmouth
  • Enrolled, full-time graduate or professional school students in Arts and Sciences Graduate School, Geisel Medical, Thayer Engineering, or Tuck Business School and in good academic standing at Dartmouth
  • Staff members at Dartmouth

Applicants must be completing at least their first year at Dartmouth by June of this year to be eligible for consideration unless they receive express permission from their academic program or department of employment, which should be submitted by the endorser (see details below).

Important Information for International Individuals: If you hold a non-immigrant visa status, please check with the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS) to verify that serving in this role will not put you in violation of federal rules and regulations as they apply to on-campus employment.

Application Process

Review this site and the important information regarding laws and policies.

  • By submitting the application form you are stating that you have read and understood the information provided about the position, including the important information regarding laws and policies.

Submit application form with statement of interest (up to 500 words).

  • Reference the specific position to which you are applying in your statement.
  • If you are applying to more than one position, submit the form anew for each application.
  • Upload a Resume or CV within the application (PDF named: YourFirstName YourLastName Resume/CV)
  • Submit contact information for two references: At least one needs to be a current Dartmouth faculty or staff member.

Ensure that an endorsement from your primary advisor, supervisor, or chair supporting your candidacy for this role is submitted on your behalf.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants selected for interviews will be notified.

If you have questions, please email