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Review the information about Living Learning Communities on this website, pick your top three, and then sign into your DartHub to fill out the Housing Application — including the application prompts for up to three Living Learning Communities.

Fall Application Details for 2026s

  • Incoming first-year students can apply to live in LLCs! You may apply to up to three LLCs via your housing application.
  • On Thursday, May 19th, both the first year and LLC application will go live!
  • Information about the housing application is sent to your Dartmouth email and the application is due via DartHub at 9:00am EST on June 8th.
  • Please become familiar with the residency expectations of the communities to which you are applying.
  • For the 2022-2023 academic year, a small number of first-year students will live with members of their LLCs in McLaughlin and the LLC Houses.
  • Some programs are only offering a hybrid option for their Learning Community. 
    • The Hybrid model allows students housed in various residence halls around campus to come together for LLC programming and events. There will also be some elements of the LLC programming that will be available virtually for those wishing to participate in more private settings. 

Thoughts from former first-year residents

"Some of the best learning experiences I've had this year have been through my LLC. I've been able to engage in meaningful conversations with my floormates and have learned so much from the rich, diverse perspectives they bring! The plentiful free food is a nice perk, as well."

- Rachel Kent,  Great Issue Scholars

"My name is Gabe Canfield, and I'm a '21 who lived in the Native American House my freshman year. It was an awesome experience to be the first freshman group to ever live in the Native American house, as before it was only open to upperclassmen. My favorite thing about the community is being able to be connected to a lot more upperclassmen than I would be able to if I had just lived on a freshman floor. Now, some people asked if I felt separated because I lived in a house away from a floor, and that isn't the case at all! I have plenty of friends from my house community, the living-learning communities in general, clubs, sports, and classes. The mixed housing situation didn't mean it was isolating, I actually feel very comfortable here! I attend the house dinners that one of the house members volunteer to make every sunday, and baking and bonding, a fun event open to the Dartmouth community where we socialize and make food on friday afternoons. The house also has funding to go to Hopkin's events and do fun trips together! It's an awesome thing. My roommate here is my best friend and I can say that I'm close with everyone in the house. And my favorite event that the house ever put on was the NAD formal! A dance in the winter, it was catered and was an awesome thing to go with friends! You'll see me living in it next fall, so you should join in!"

- Gabe Canfield, Native American House

"I love living right next to Occom Commons because I can always spontaneously join these inspiring open dinner-talks - effort free and so much to gain."

- Katrina Yu, Global Village, Great Issue Scholars

"The Great Issues Scholars program was an extraordinarily formative aspect of my freshman year experience here at Dartmouth. Being a scholar in residence, I was fully immersed in the GIS community at all times and I found it to be incredibly supportive, warm, and engaging. From staying up into the wee hours of the morning hearing about my hallmates' lives in Brazil or Kenya, to sipping homemade pho in the common room, my GIS experience gave me a taste of the world in this small corner of campus. After every morning breakfast, lunch discussion, and evening lecture, I left with a sense of gratitude for the privilege I had to be in a program that allowed me to meet with some of the most inspiring international figures of our time. Here, at Dartmouth, it is easy to get caught up in our little college bubble and forget about the broader world around us. As an elite educational institution, it is vital that we continuously burst that bubble and step into our role in the global community. What I love about the Dickey Center and, more specifically, the GIS program is that it builds the framework to allow students to view themselves and this community in an international context and provides the resources for them to take action all over the world."

- Julia Snodgrass,  Great Issue Scholars

"I think DEN has many resources and a large network. There are east coast and west coast trips during the breaks to visit alums and their startups, which I think are very meaningful and interesting. We have weekly dinner discussion. Everyone on the floor is very smart, and many of them have their startups already."

- Yangling Lei, Entrepreneurship LLC

"I met my best friend through my LLC. I've also met people from all different kinds of backgrounds, so I've learn a lot about different cultures and gained a new perspective on life. My favorite memories over the past year have been attending the Qawwalyi performance through the Hopkins Center for the Arts and going to the golf course together at 4am to watch the meteor shower."

- Maryam Iqbal, Thriving Through Transitions (T3)

Become an Undergraduate Advisor

Our Living Learning Communities need dedicated Undergraduate Advisors (UGAs) with an interest in the learning topics. If you are applying to be a UGA, consider applying to be a Living Learning Communities UGA! Check out the UGA Application for additional information.

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