French Language Program

About the Community

The French Living and Learning Community allows students to immerse themselves in French language and ​francophone culture on campus through weekly activities.

The program is sponsored by the Department of French and Italian. The French LLC experience will enable students to discover or deepen their knowledge of ​francophone culture and further enhance their language skills. Thus, a certain degree of fluency (at least advanced beginner or end of FR1) is required​, as all conversations and events will be conducted in French. If you haven't taken a French language course at Dartmouth, we encourage you to take the French Placement 2026 exam offered by the French and Italian Department at the same time as you are filling out the application for this community.

Participant Expectations

Participant are expected to speak French with each other and can also expect to engage with the program on a weekly basis through language tables, cafés or other language/culture programming.



  • Elissa M. Griffin

Live-in Advisor

  • Arthur Gavat