Kosher LLC

The Kosher program provides a community where residents can discuss, learn, and explore the Jewish faith. Each of the two apartments has a kosher kitchen for those who want to be able to cook the occasional kosher meal for themselves or friends.

Residency Expectations

Residents are expected to have a willingness to share the living room, kitchen, and bathroom with a total of four roommates who each have individual bedrooms. Residents are also expected to have a dedication to keeping kosher in addition to working together to create other living agreements and expectations.


  • Rabbi Moshe Gray

  • Rabbi Seth Linfield

Application Prompts

  1. In what ways do you think you might benefit culturally, ethnically, or religiously by being in a Living Learning Community?
  2. What do you foresee to be the challenges in living in a non-diverse environment?
  3. In terms of your family or cultural environment where you were raised, what kind of experiences within a Living Learning Communty would allow for further exploration and growth?


Some residents of this learning community will have the opportunity to live co-located together in one of our residence halls to allow for a maximum level program immersion. As space is limited, we will also offer the opportunity for students assigned to live in residence halls around campus to participate in programming through our hybrid model.