Chinese Language House

The Chinese Language House is an environment which coordinates a living space with a shared interest in Asian culture and Chinese language.

About the Community

The house allows for close interaction on a daily basis with the live-in faculty member from Beijing Normal University. The primary language of communication is Chinese.

Each resident’s cooperation with the live-in faculty member and the other inhabitants is essential to the success of the Chinese Language House. All students help plan for, and participate in, activities during their stay. A long-running activity has been the Cooking Group, a rotation utilizing the house's kitchen for group meals. Each year new goals and objectives are developed through conversations among the DAMELL Chair, Chinese Language House Committee, live-in faculty member, and Student Liaison.

Residency Expectations

Residency at the House is intended for students of Chinese language only. Residents are expected to participate in House programs and meals as well as take turns cooking and doing chores (including a termly House Day).

Live-In Advisor

  • Yuhui Lyu

Application Prompts

  1. Please list any pertinent information about your competence in Chinese (indicate if you are a native speaker, how much time you have spent in China, how many years you have studied Chinese at Dartmouth or elsewhere, etc.), and confirm that you will speak Chinese at the Chinese Language House at all times.
  2. List the reasons you wish to live in the Chinese Language House. Will you assume a house position? How will you help build a community at the house?
  3. What do you think are the benefits living in the Chinese Language House? Please answer this question in Chinese.


The Chinese Language House is located at 36 North Main Street on the corner of Choate Road.  View floor plans on the website of the Office of Residential Life.