About Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities aspire to combine what is best about the Dartmouth experience: a world-class teaching and learning environment with a vibrant sense of community, guided and supported through engagement with talented faculty and staff. 


Dartmouth is fundamentally a residential college—a place where the learning experience extends beyond the classroom or lab and is integrated into all aspects of a student’s life. If it is true that students will spend more time in residential spaces than in any other type of space on campus, then the residence halls are the ideal place for students, faculty, and staff to share the interdisciplinary, community-based learning experience that is the Dartmouth difference. 


  • Meet students where they’re at—literally—by utilizing the residence halls as ideal spaces to integrate student learning.
  • Promote the personal and intellectual development of residents through the relationships that form in residential spaces between undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff.
  • Increase opportunities for students and faculty to engage outside of the classroom in the uniquely informal setting of a residential community.
  • Foster student connection and engagement with a consistent residential community over multiple years.