Foley House

Foley House strives to be the healthiest, most stimulating and engaging residential environment on the Dartmouth campus.

About the Community

Foley House is a non-exclusive, co-ed household where all residents share responsibilities and decision-making. By cooking and eating together and sharing household chores, a bank account, a phone line and a television, Foley House residents form important lasting relationships. Residents participate in the planning and preparing of meals and activities and are responsible for the general upkeep of the facility. Residents intellectually engage with each other and people representing a broad swath of the academic and artistic communities at Dartmouth by inviting faculty, staff, artists and campus guests to participate in Foley House dinners.

Foley House is not a membership organization. Residents and non-residents alike can be members of the Foley House community. Everyone is welcome to join for a meal!

Residency Expectations

Each term it is expected that a resident:

  • Contributes $250 to the Foley House food fund by the Friday of the first full week of the term (please see payment button below)
  • Participates in house chores and a termly House Day
  • Participates in grocery shopping trips
  • Cooks five meals
  • Attends at two to three Foley House dinners a week – residents of Foley House are expected to attend Sunday dinners as they serve as a way for members to check-in with each other.

It is important to recognize that cooking meals together may mean that residents need to be willing to cook with a variety of ingredients including meat, vegetables, spices, gluten, etc. Dietary restrictions and preferences will be discussed as a group at the beginning of each term, and residents need to be aware that food is prepared and shared as a house. Foley House is a gender inclusive community and rooms may be assigned without regard to gender.

Foley Termly Meals Payment Option:
(Invoice Number: FoleyHouse     Description: Last Name + Foley Meals + Term & Year)

Staff Advisor

  • Kirsten Ziman

Application Prompts

  1. What is one topic you can speak about for ten minutes, and why can you speak about it for so long?
  2. We do faculty dinners five times/term. Choose three people (living or dead) who you would like to have dinner with and explain why.
  3. Since Foley House is a living cooperative (i.e., we all help care for the house, contribute to a house fund, buy ingredients, cook and attend dinners, etc.), we are all about working, learning, and living together. Knowing this, what makes you a good fit for Foley House and why do you want to live there? Please include what you are hoping to gain from and what you are able to contribute to the Foley community.


Foley House is located at 20 West Street. View floor plans on the website of the Office of Residential Life.