United Campus Ministry

The Tucker Center celebrates the religious diversity at Dartmouth and supports students who wish to deepen their faith.  The United Campus Ministry (UCM) is an organization of Tucker Center, comprised of the campus ministers and advisors of about two dozen student religious groups, representing Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and other faith traditions.

What We Do

In addition to tending to their own individual groups, members of the United Campus Ministers work cooperatively to:

  • Provide a common ministry in such areas as they may decide or the Tucker Center may request
  • Speak when possible in a common voice with other communities of faith and the College on matters of shared concern
  • Provide a regular forum within which officials of the College and UCM members may come to know one another in mutual trust
  • Participate in College-sponsored trainings, such as Title IX and Campus Connect, to enhance their ability to minister to and with Dartmouth students
  • Function as a unit in cooperation with the various constituencies of the College and surrounding community as opportunity offers

On Diversity

In keeping with the spirit of the United Campus Ministers, members of the UCM shall acknowledge and welcome religious diversity and shall respect the sanctity of religious and spiritual conscience for each individual. They shall carry out their ministries in a manner whereby no one will be intimidated, threatened, or coerced and whereby participants may freely express their values and beliefs.

Professional Guidelines

The Director and Chaplain supervises the work of the UCM. Procedures for members are made explicit in the UCM Guidelines

The Director and Chaplain's supervision neither limits an individual member's expression of belief nor intrudes in the structural requirements prescribed by the member's sponsoring religious agency. The professional guidelines are intended to establish a routine record of performance and achievement, as well as to form the basis for any supervisory intervention should that be required or advisable.