Student Wellness Center services

The staff at the SWC are committed to supporting your wellbeing both in person and with offerings we have developed for in-person and remote services and programs. If you'd like more regular reminders delivered directly to your inbox, sign up for our SWC email list, and choose whether you'd prefer weekly or monthly communications from our team.

We hope you will try out many of our offerings and resources virtually or join us in person, and we would love to hear your ideas for furthering our offerings to meet the needs of our students! Email your ideas to


Wellness Check Ins
Talk one on one with a member of our team about anything that may be going on in your life. We'll do our best to help you navigate challenges and start creating the life you want to be living. Check-ins are available in-person as well as via Zoom or phone, so choose whichever works best for you when you set up your meeting!

Yoga Offerings
We have a growing library of yoga classes, sequences, and demos (along with tips for DIY yoga props)! 

Mindfulness and Meditation
From in-person and virtual drop in sessions to guided audio and video recordings, we are here to provide you with multiple options to regaining some calm in this turbulent time through mindfulness and meditation practices.

Sexual Violence Prevention Project
Participate in or get involved in the four year experience that includes the Dartmouth Bystander Intervention and programming related to building skills around healthy relationships and sexual health.

Positive Relationships & Sex - Canvas
Positive Relationships & Sex provides comprehensive, inclusive, and centralized information and resources about sexual health, sexuality, positive friendships, and relationships. Find answers to common questions many people have about sexual health and relationships!

Department of Student Affairs (DOSA) Mental Health & Wellbeing 

Includes links to Dartmouth Wellbeing Resources, listing of events that promote your wellbeing, and a Wellbeing Idea Submision Form.

Dartmouth Wellness Resources
Boosting your wellbeing can happen in a variety of ways including connecting authentically with others, engaging mindfully in your daily activities, gaining perspective through reflection, and intentionally making choices that align withwho you want to be. Dartmouth has a constellation of resources to help you explore how to sustain yourself through adversity and maximize the successes and accomplishments that you will achieve.

Refresh Sleep Improvement Program

This self-guided program through Canvas offers weekly modules full of info, tips, and practices designed for college students to help improve sleep quality.

BASICS Sessions
These one-on-one, non-judgmental conversations via Zoom or in-person facilitate personal reflection regarding decisions around drinking to help minimize negative impacts on your life.

Alcohol & Other Drug Self Assessments & Downloads
Check in on your substance use and explore information and apps that can help you maintain healthy lifestyles.

Downloadable Stall Street Journals
If you have access to a printer and want to add some Dartmouth SWC décor to your current living space, enjoy our library of past SSJs.

Reflections from the SWC: A Wellbeing Blog for Dartmouth
The SWC is sharing our thoughts on different topics connected to wellbeing through our new blog. Subscribe for updates or just check back anytime!  Feel free to send along topics you'd like us to address by emailing  

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