Wellness Check-ins

About the Program

The staff at the Student Wellness Center offer one-on-one Wellness Coaching to students in private (non-confidential) sessions. Utilizing Motivational Interviewing techniques and the Roots of Wellness framework, we help students explore their current wellbeing from a holistic perspective, identify areas for improvement, and form a plan for change.

Wellness coaching can be a good fit if you are considering changes to optimize personal health and wellness, looking to positively shift certain aspects of your life, or simply feeling stuck!

Students often engage with Wellness Coaching without a specific challenge or concern in mind -- coaching can help if you’re looking for a non-judgmental, neutral space to discuss and process what’s going on in your life.

Specific topics depend on the individual student’s needs, but often include adjustment to college life, academic concerns, relationship challenges, sleep, stress/anxiety management, alcohol and other drug use, and more.

We work closely with campus partners to connect students with the best on-going support for their individual needs after a coaching session.

To schedule a Wellness Coaching session, please email Student Wellness.