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Self Assessments

Compassionate Warning: Content in these educational programs might include graphics and references to topics such as alcohol and drug misuse/abuse, interpersonal violence, eating disorders, and can take the form of an image, video clip, audio clip, or piece of text.

  • Alcohol 101+: Anonymous Online educational program to increase awareness and lower risks associated with the use of alcohol
    • Please note that you must use your email address when registering to advance through the program.
    • Click here: Alcohol 101+ to begin.
  • Click here: Marijuana eCHECKUP TO GO to start. The program will provide students with accurate and personalized feedback regarding: individual use patterns, risk patterns, aspirations and goals, and helpful resources at Dartmouth College.

First-Year Alcohol Education

If you are a first-year (FY) student and need assistance complet pre-matriculation requirements, please email Brian Bowden with your question/concern.  Dartmouth requires all incoming first-year students to complete online educational programs related to health and wellness prior to matriculation. This year, students are required to complete three programs, the 1) Dartmouth Short Survey (DSS Completed/Closed) , 2) AlcoholEdu, and 3) SAPU.

 FY's can use their Dartmouth credentials on the following site: Click Here

Technical Support:

Technical support is available throughout the modules.

  1. Go to:
  2. Type your concern,
  3. And/or phone support 866-384-9062 (M-F 7AM – 8PM EST)

Parent Information

High-risk alcohol use and sexual violence are issues that face educational institutions and communities nationwide. Research indicates that parents can play an important role in prevention. If parents would like more information on how to engage their student about these critical topics, please visit the parent resource page.