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Yoga sequences varying in length, style, and focus

Yoga Class Videos

Study Break Chair Yoga (5-min) 

Take a break and allow the movement of this gentle yoga sequence to bring some relaxation into your whole body and mind. We will focus on releasing tension in the neck and shoulders while stretching the tight muscles of the back. As we create more space in the body, you might even notice an effortless shift towards ease in the heart and mind as well.


  • Study Break Chair Yoga 2 (5 min)
    A variation of our 5-minute chair yoga sequence with the added benefit of white noise. Allow the movement of this gentle yoga sequence to bring some relaxation into your body, while letting the calming background noise of an oscillating fan settle and calm your mind.

  • Study Break Desk Yoga (8 min)
    Unplug with this brief chair yoga sequence designed to give your whole mind, body, and heart a reprieve from the "to-dos" of life.

  • Tension Tamer (10 min)
    This brief sequence can be done while seated or standing and is a wonderful way to give your body, mind, and heart a break from the pressures and demands of life. 

  • Let Go & Embrace (20 min)
    This shorter class is all about letting go of what is depleting in our lives, and gaining clarity of what we would like to embrace more of.  We will open with a 5-minute meditation, and then move into a gentle tabletop flow*, and finally into a playful balance sequence. 

    *It might be helpful to have a towel or blanket nearby to pad your knees and also a block or two (DIY props work too!) for added support.   

  • Strong and Steady (15 min)   
    This brief standing sequence encourages steadiness, strength and calm through playful exploration of balance poses and breath. A great way to practice finding moments of calm even when the unexpected happens.

  • Energize Your Day (30 min)
    Take a much-needed break from your day to replenish your body and mind with breath, movement, and kind-hearted attention in this gentle, yet strong, practice.  Pay close attention—you may just catch a glimpse of Bodhi and an ever-elusive Hummingbird!

  • Ease Into Sleep (15 min)  
    Join LB & Bodhi as you prepare to drift off to sleep with this short sequence designed to help you relax your body and calm your mind.  Feel free to do this on the floor or right in your bed for added comfort!


Brief tutorials on specific yoga postures


SWC Poses of the Month 

August 2020 - Lion's Breath (2.5 min)  

Lion's breath is a a yogic breathing exercise that relieves tension and stress by stretching your entire face, while also increasing your energy. Lion's breath will feel silly; it can be a helpful reminder to open to your playful side and find some ease.

  • Happy Baby Pose (2.5 min)
    Happy Baby pose brings a gentle stretch to the hips and inner groins while reducing tension in the lower back*.  It also has a calming effect for the mind and heart by inviting a sense of childlike play & movement within the body. 

    *Tip –If your hands can't quite grasp your feet, ankles, or shins without the back of your neck lifting up, try placing a strap (or scarf, tie, etc.) around the arches of each foot and hold the straps far enough down until your neck can soften to the floor without strain.

  • May/June 2020 - Tree Pose 1 (3 min)
    Physically, Tree is great for strengthening the feet, legs and bones while opening the hips, groin, and chest. Emotionally, Tree encourages confidence, steadiness, and strength. The key to tree pose is to remember it's ok to fall! The practice is to try, to stumble, and to begin again with a sense of playfulness. 

  • May/June 2020 - Tree Pose 2 (6 min)
    A longer version to try out!

  • April 2020 - Child's Pose (2.5 min)   
    Child's pose is great for stretching the shoulders, chest, and hips while also promoting rest and relaxation in the body, heart, and mind. 

  • April 2020 - Restorative Child's Pose (3.5 min)
    This version of child's pose is great for anyone who has knee pain and/or tighter shoulders or simply would like a more gentle, supportive posture.  Be sure to grab a couple of blankets or towels and two blocks (empty shoe boxes or package boxes work too!).