Sexual Assault Action Month (SAAM)

SAAM 2021


SAAM 2021 Flyer

Educate Yourself

1. Check out the Dartmouth Canvas page: Positive Relationships and Sex

2. Check out the SVPP FAQs page

3. Follow @dartmouthsurvivors on Instagram

4. Watch The Mask You Live In (it's on Amazon Prime and others)

5. Learn ways to support survivors 

6. Watch this video about Elevating Voices of Black Survivors

7. Learn about why survivors may not report

8. Watch this video about male survivors

9. Learn about barriers to reporting for LGBTQI+ folks, service members, undocumented and non-U.S. citizens, and the disability community

10. Learn about efforts to stop sexual violence against Indigenous women, like The Buffalo Project

11. Read the book Sexual Citizens

Take Action

12. Get involved! Apply to be a SVPP Facilitator, participate in an SVPP focus group, or volunteer to be a part of SVPP's orientation program for the '25s. Email Ben Bradley for more info

13. Participate in SVPP programs to get new knowledge or skills

14. Follow @dartmouthswc on Instagram to get regular info and updates

15. Repost this or other SAAM info on social media

16. Talk to another student about why preventing sexual violence matters to you

17. Ask for a facilitated discussion on relationships & sex by Healthy Relationships Specialist Brailyn Davis for your student group or team

18. Post on social media about how you and others can prevent SV

19. Check in or Step in when you see a potential moment of harm

20. Complete the Dartmouth Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey this term

21. Attend a "What is SVPP?" session to learn more (dates to come)

Let us know!

When you complete any of these, let us know! Fill out this 30 second survey to help us collect all moments of action from the Dartmouth community