OPAL Ambassadors


OPAL Ambassadors aim to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to create change and engage in productive conversations about diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect. OPAL Ambassadors are diverse student leaders who contribute to the goal of an inclusive campus community by educating on issues of diversity and inclusion among their peers and by helping to create a living, learning, and working environment that is welcoming for members of all identities.

OPAL Ambassadors commit to helping students gain insights, value diversity, and take actions by:

  • Working with OPAL to plan and facilitate workshops and educational opportunities that address a wide range of social justice, diversity, and inclusion issues and topics.
  • Providing opportunities to develop effective leadership and cross-cultural communication skills that can be applied to interpersonal, academic and professional settings.
  • Seeking out opportunities for collaboration with student organizations and campus partners.

Become an OPAL Ambassador

OPAL Ambassadors are peer educators who facilitate workshops and spaces connected to social identity, power and oppression. Ambassadors primarily engage in the following:

  • Developing agendas and designing curriculum for workshops and discussions.
  • Facilitating request-based workshops, discussion series and events on topics such as identity, power/ oppression and community. Prior examples include: mental health, immigration, gender violence, body image, and social media.

OPAL Education Application

Apply to be an Ambassador or Fellow through the 21S OPAL Education application.

Important Notes:

  • The OPAL Education program will be virtual for Spring 2021. 
  • Applications will be reviewed by Friday, April 2nd. Additional applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 
  • Training for 21S will begin the week of April 5th. Further information about timeline, curriculum, trainings and projects will be shared over email during the first week of Spring term classes. 
  • You must be an undergraduate Dartmouth student committed to creating a more inclusive, diverse and equitable campus at Dartmouth