Caribbean Carnival

Dartmouth Caribbean Carnival 2021

Since 2013, Carnival has been an annual Dartmouth tradition and historically the largest student-led event on campus. Due to COVID-19, Carnival was not held in 2020. We hosted our previous Carnival in 2019, and booked Mass row for hundreds of students, parents, and community members to share in the celebration. We traditionally bring a steel pan band and catering from a Caribbean restaurant, in addition to hosting a fashion show featuring students modeling costumes.

This year, we are adapting Carnival to be mostly virtual while still highlighting dance, culture, fashion and music across Caribbean and Latin American cultures.

This Year's Events


Calendar for Caribbean Carnival 2021
  • Apr. 28th @ 3:30PM - Warm Up with Mo
  • Apr. 29th @ 9:00PM - Thursday Night Trivia 
  • Apr. 30th @ 5:00PM - Rep Your Colours
  • May 1st @ 12:00PM - Carnival Cookout

See below for more details about each event.

If you need accommodations to attend, please email Theresa Hernandez.
If you have any questions about events please email Laura Logan.

Warm Up with Mo 


Flyer for Warm Up With Mo

Wednesday, April 28 • 3:30 to 4:30 pm EDT

One of the most memorable parts of Caribbean Carnival in past years were the energising dance performances by student groups such as Ujima, Soyeya and Raz. In addition, our emcee would encourage the audience to get active with impromptu dance-offs or by demonstrating simple choreographies. To honour this tradition, we want to incorporate the region's iconic music and dance styles to our virtual carnival with a Zoom dance workshop led by the talented Monique Parrish, a New York based dance instructor. The lesson will be simple enough for complete beginners to learn some basic moves, while still active enough for experienced dancers to get a work-out. To encourage turnout and promote physical wellness in the Dartmouth community, we will raffle a gift card for a fitness item at a black-owned fitness centre. Importantly, before the class begins, our student facilitator will provide context on the relevance of these musical genres and dances to the region which we hope will provide an entryway for students who are not of Caribbean descent to respectfully engage with these practices.

Carnival Rep to contact:

Thursday Night Trivia: Caribbean Edition 


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Thursday, April 29th • 9:00 to 10:00 pm EDT
Registration details:

We are partnering with Collis Governing Board to host Thursday Night Trivia: Caribbean Edition. The trivia night will celebrate Caribbean culture and heritage, and quiz students on a range of topics including pop culture and history. Teams will battle to see who has the greatest knowledge about the Caribbean! Each group (1- 6 persons) will sign up in advance and are given a Caribbean country as their team name. There will be 5 rounds each with 8 questions. The top three teams will win gift cards to local businesses in Hanover. 

Carnival Rep to contact:

Rep Your Colors (with the HOP Jewelry Studio)


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Friday, April 30 • 5:00 to 6:00 pm EDT

The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio will host a woven bracelet tutorial on Friday, April 30th from 5pm - 6pm EDT. All materials will be mailed to registered participants completely free of cost. Although we can't have a parade this year, we hope these colourful bracelets will remind us of the Caribbean flags we would hang along Mass Rowe. Plus, they're not just cute--they're functional survival bracelets. Take them on your next outdoor adventure for any emergency situation where you need some strong cord. So, whether you want to rep your flag or just craft with friends, come spend a chill Saturday morning with your Caribbean friends.

Carnival Rep to contact:

Carnival Cookout

Saturday, May 1 • 12:00 to 1:30 PM EDT
In-person location: Shabazz Lawn 

As the perfect culmination to this exciting week, we have booked the tent in front of Shabazz to allow a limited number of students to get together in-person. We will have individually packaged meals catered by the Karibbean restaurant in Lebanon that students may consume from a safe distance as they listen to Caribbean tunes provided by a local DJ.

Caribbean Carnival 2021 Student Planning Committee

  • Sarrah-ann Allen '23
  • Sydney Hassel '24
  • Chara Lyons '23
  • Junelle Mathias '23
  • Kenya Pascascio '20 Th '21

Committee Co-Chairs: Marina Cepeda '21 and Laura Logan '22
OPAL Staff Advisor: Theresa Hernandez


We would not have been able to put on any of these amazing events without the help from the following sponsors:

African and African American Studies Program, Black Caucus, Collis Governing Board, Dartmouth Caribbean Connections, Dean of the College, Department of Geography, Department of Music, Department of Theater VOICES Program, First Year Student Enrichment Program, King Scholars Program, Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies, the Latinx and Caribbean Council, Leslie Center for the Humanities, Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy, Office of Pluralism and Leadership, Office of the President, Special Programs and Events Committee, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program